Thursday, July 1, 2010

Super Mario Bros Crossover

Super Mario Bros Crossover is a remake of the original Super Mario Brothers with some added characters. There have been similar rom hacks but this seems to be a complete remake. The game plays mostly like Super Mario Bros and each character controls mostly like in their original game, though there are noticeable differences. You can run backwards through the stage, and nobody but Mario can swim. Other characters just jump and when they hit the bottom they have to jump again. The menus at the start of the game are a little annoying as they're very slow to move through.

Link - I'm rather confused why they used Link from the original Zelda. The Link from Zelda 2 would have been better for this type of game, and the underworld music that they use actually is from Zelda 2. I wonder if the developer ever played the original Zelda games. Link can throw a boomerang, and his sword attack stuns enemies. His upgrades are the white tunic and the red tunic which gives him the blue boomerang and the ability to shoot from his sword. Link can attack up or down while jumping, which makes him surprisingly good at water levels.

Simon Belmont - Aside from using his whip, Simon throws axes and has the ability to double jump. His upgrades give him a stronger whip and the ability to throw more axes at once. You can change the way Simon jumps under the Options menu. The choices are Easy, Hard, and Classic. Easy allows you to change direction while in the air. Hard means you'll continue in the direction you were originally going. Classic means if you are walk off of a ledge, you fall straight down instead of continuing forward. Exploding rabbit said "I put it in for people that want the true castlevania experience."

Megaman - Megaman starts off without a helmet and cannot smash through blocks though he can shoot through them. When you get a mushroom he receives his helmet, can smash through blocks and charge his blaster. His special ability calls Rush so that he can spring off of him. This is a problem in some places where there are bricks over a pit as you will bounce off of Rush, hit your head on the bricks, and fall to your death. His second upgrade shoots flames. He also has the ability to slide which helps for getting under Bowser's fireballs.

Ryu Hayabusa - Ryu is the most underpowered character in the game. On Normal, Goombas take 3 hits with the sword or 4 with the shuriken to kill and you have to duck to hit them. Most of the characters in the Ninja Gaiden games aside from the bosses only took one hit to kill. Ryu can be a little difficult to control at times because his jump controls don't work correctly. In Ninja Gaiden, if you jumped onto a wall you could immediately bounce off of the wall assuming you were still holding the jump button. In this game you have to release the jump button and press it again. Ryu's first upgrade gives him a windmill shuriken. His second upgrade gives him the sword from Ninja Gaiden 3 which has extended range and allows you to hit Goombas without ducking.

Samus Aran - Samus starts off with the ability to roll into a ball and wields a short-range weapon that is rather weak but fires rapidly enough to be very useful. Her first upgrade is her suit and a gun with a farther range. Her second upgrade is the Wave Beam.

Bill Rizer - Bill can aim up, down, diagonally, and lie in the prone position. His first upgrade gives him an almost fully automatic weapon (6 shots may be on the screen at once) and his second upgrade shoots 4 shots in different directions.

If you choose to play as many characters you can change character between rounds or between lives. If you upgrade a character and switch to another character at the end of the round, you maintain upgrades when you switch back to that character. Overall this is highly enjoyable for anyone who enjoys oldskool games.

This was written as of the version 1.1 release and gameplay may change in future versions.


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