Sunday, July 6, 2008


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ROM CHECK FAIL is like a mix between WarioWare and oldskool games. It starts out looking like a MAME rom starting up. The controls are simple enough to figure out. ALT+Enter make the game go into fullscreen mode, the arrow keys move in a direction and the spacebar is your attack button.

Randomly the game will change the background, enemies, and the character you are using. Characters include Pac-Man, the Space Invaders ship, the Asteroids ship, Link, the car from Spy Hunter, and some spaceship from a game that I haven't played before. The enemies are Goombas, Space Invaders, Asteroids, square blocks from Breakout, some weird floating bar thing, ghosts from some game I don't know, and the Pac-Man ghosts when Pac-Man eats a power pellet. Characters retain their original moves: Mario jumps up and runs left or right, Link and Pac-Man can move in any direction, the Space Invaders ship can only move right/left, etc. The most valuable character for killing mass quantities of enemies is Pac-Man.

The levels have the backgrounds of old arcade/NES games, but the structures are placed randomly and sometimes make it impossible to move around depending on which character you are using at the time. The selection could have been much better since there are many situations where you have no way of surviving. Either you will get the Space Invaders ship while you're at the top of a level and can't attack enemies below you or to the side, or Mario with something attacking from above. Sometimes the enemies will be in a position to kill you from the start of the level, while you have no way of defending yourself or moving out of the way.

The music makes me question if the author ever played the original games before. There is music from Tetris, some MegaMan game, and Double Dragon. Putting MegaMan or Billy into the game would probably make it a bit more fair.

At the end of each round you get an extra life, unless you already have the maximum of 3 lives in which case you get +100 points. After beating 20 rounds, you go into a more difficult mode.
It isn't a bad game for having been made in a week, though there is much room for improvement.


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