Sunday, April 13, 2008


What older games lacked in graphics, they more than made up for in difficulty. This game is proof. I don't remember this game being so hard when I was four.

There are tunnels that you go through to re-up on fuel, ammo, and shield. You have to roll up the left or right side of the tunnel in order to get the ups. It's easier to control the ship when it is going slower. If you exit these tunnels upside-down, you blow up. If you take the first tunnel to fill up on Shield, you get hit in the face by a missile right as you exit.

These turrets are incredibly difficult to kill. They 1-shot you from across the screen, and the resolution on the game is so small that you barely have time to fire at them before you're up to or past them on the screen. You can only fire forward but they can fire in any direction. The only strategy for killing them is to head in their direction and keep launching rockets, hoping they don't hit you first. And they usually will.

Once you learn the layout of the level; where all the missile turrets and objects are, the game is all about not getting hit by missiles, and not running into anything.

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